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Apply for a marriage license?

The Probate Court Room 202 is located on the second floor of the court house on the south side.

Fair Housing

 Mike Weible, Commissioner

Fair Housing brochure
Fair Housing website

Find Area Schools

K-12 Schools

Antwerp Local Schools

303 South Harrmann Rd
Antwerp, OH 45813


Wayne Trace High School (7-12)

4915 Us Route 127
Haviland, OH 45851


Paulding Exempted Village

405 North Water St
Paulding, OH 45879


Payne Elementary

501 West Townline St
Payne, OH 45880


Oakwood Elementary

309 North 1st St
Oakwood, OH 45873


Grover Hill Elementary

101 Monroe St
Grover Hill, OH 45849


K-12 Schools (Private)

Divine Mercy Catholic Elementary School (Roman Catholic)

120 Arturus St
Payne, OH 45880


Find information on recycling & solid waste


Paulding County WMEA Program Manager: Shannon Ruschel

WMEA Website

Find my property taxes

Paulding County Auditor Website

Find the Auditor’s real estate information

Paulding County Auditor Website

Find the link to court records

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Find township trustees, fiscal officers and zoning inspectors

Auglaize Township

Office: 419-393-2628

Everett Bennett, 419-769-4900
Gene Weidenhamer, 419-393-2372
Bill Wiles, 419-393-2535

Not currently zoned.  Please contact the Auditor’s office in the Courthouse.

Fiscal Officer: Sue Becher

Benton Township

Office: 419-263-2625

Mark Crosby, 419-770-2267
Randy Noggle, 419-263-2459
Joe Thome, 419-263-2673

Zoning Inspector: Tom Sinn, 419-399-4613

Fiscal Officer:  Rachael Head

Blue Creek Township

Office: 419-622-6081

Jammie Hughes, 419-622-3310
Calvin Sinn, 419-771-0926
Bryce Mills,419-203-4758

Zoning Inspector: Robert Laukhuf, 419-393-2876

Fiscal Officer: Chris Laukhuf

Brown Township

Office: 419-594-3979

Danny Halter, 419-594-2037
Marty Adams, 419-594-3091
Daniel Thomas, 419-594-2408

Not currently zoned.  Please contact the Auditor’s office in the Courthouse.

Fiscal Officer: Kevin Hornish

Carryall Township

Office: 419-258-2007

Greg Hughes, 419-258-5201
Joseph B. Barker, 419-506-1854
Chad Molitor, 419-506-0434

Zoning Inspector: Mike Molitor, 419-633-2610

Fiscal Officer: Deb Wyckoff

Crane Township

Office: 419-258-9319

Joe Sukup, 419-399-5391
Michael Meyer, 419-769-5760
Kevin Stuart, 419-258-9319

Zoning Inspector: Mike Brady, 419-786-0000

Fiscal Officer: Carol Razo

Emerald Township

Office: 419-399-3873

Ronnie Breedlove, 419-399-2233
Greg Adkins, 419-393-4194
Rick Weippert, 419-399-4948

Zoning Inspector: Nylice Thomas, 399-3171

Fiscal Officer: Sam Hatcher

Harrison Township

Office: 419-263-0247

Robert Young, 419-572-1392
Kerry Hook, 419-910-0059
Chad Benschneider, 419-769-4708

Zoning Inspector: Dave Jordan, 419-786-9788

Fiscal Officer: Kathy Feasby

Jackson Township, PO Box 274, 739 E. Wayne St., Paulding, OH  45879

Office: 419-399-2470


Ray N. Johanns, 419-399-4235
Dennis Sanderson, 419-399-2820
Bill Strahley, 419-399-5839

Not currently zoned.  Please contact the Auditor’s office in the Courthouse.

Fiscal Officer: Mary Howard

Latty Township

Office: 419-587-3318


Lyle Ebel, 419-587-3465

Blake Sinn, 419-796-9897
Jason Sheets, 419-786-8925

Zoning Inspector: Dustin Miller, 41-203-1921

Fiscal Officer: Susan Hinchcliff

Paulding Township

Office: 419-399-5938

Dennis Layman, 419-786-4959
Mike Kauser, 419-399-2955
Jay Dangler, 419- 399-2688

Zoning Inspector: Tom Sinn, 419-399-4613

Fiscal Officer: Jane Buchman

Washington Township

Office: 419-587-3792

Burton Merriman, 419-786-9013
Lonnie Lytle, 419-587-3819
Lynn Noffsinger, 419-587-3324

Zoning Inspector: Neil Beining, 419-587-3792

Fiscal Officer: Neil Beining

Obtain an Absentee Ballot

Obtain an Absentee Ballot

Pay my property taxes

Paulding County Courthouse
Paulding County Treasurer’s office
115 North Williams Street, Suite 102
Paulding, Ohio 45879
Bus. (419) 399-8281
Fax. (419) 399-8268

Pay my speeding ticket

Pay my speeding ticket

Purchase a dog license online

Purchase a dog license online

Register to vote

Register to vote

View election results

View Election Results